Around Stuttgart

Many Germans from the area of Stuttgart on the weekend either make a trip to the Black Forrest or to the Swabian Alb, where we are located. You take the A8 towards Munich exit 58 or one of the 2 the next ones. Approx. half an hour from Stuttgart, Black Forrest 1 hour. Both areas are super for walking and mountain biking.

Munich with his Biergarten is may be the most beautiful of the big cities in Germany and worth visiting. 2 hours drive from Stuttgart.

Berchtesgaden with the Königssee is a must visit place. The “Eagles Nest” from the Nazi time is there as well. Expect 4 hours driving one way.

In Beuren there is the Freilichtmuseum where you find old farmer houses and you can see how they lived in former times. It is an outside museum incl. a restaurant with traditional / typical meals in an old renovated house.

Close by there is the ruins of the Burg Neuffen (castle) that includes a restaurant.

Smaller but very nice is the castle Burg Teck to that you have to walk up hill. For small money you can walk inside the tower to the very top with an excellent view to Stuttgart.

Burg Hohenzollern in the south-western part of Baden Württemberg is in an excellent condition and very famous. Very historical castle, very good condition. Not as fancy and touristy as Neuschwanstein, but definitely a trip worth.

Burg Reussenstein is a simple ruin of a former castle with a fantastic farm close by that offers primitive/simple/typical home-made food. I guess they open only Saturdays and Sundays. In winter times inside and in summer times you can sit outside in a beautiful garden next to the roosters and meet many Germans coming from volksmarching, mountain biking, etc. We go there several times a year. Simple country like location. No tourists at all!! It is located between Schopfloch, Wiesensteig and Neidlingen.

If you find the restaurant Otto Hofmeister Haus in the area of Schopfloch you’ll see a higher leveled location in a beautiful area to walk around. They have a fantastic garden to sit
outside for eating, drinking and relaxing in summer times. And there is a nice playground for the kids next to it, that belongs to the restaurant.

Using exit 59 and 60 you can reach a few smaller but pretty ski areas: Ski lift Wiesensteig; ski lift Salzwinkel, ski area Westerheim, Donnstetten and Laichingen. Simply check online if there is snow. Even on days you cannot imagine there is snow here, because these areas are much
higher than for ex. Stuttgart. Donnstetten even makes artificial snow.

Legoland in Günzburg is also directly on the A8 towards Munich, approx. 1 hour from the airport Stuttgart away. ….our kids like it :)

And for sure: Ulm has the tallest church all over the world – it is a must visit city! Good restaurants close by the river Donau. Around the cathedral is the Ulmer Weihnachtsmarkt with almost 2 million visitors each year. A8 towards Munich, Autobahn exit Ulm is approx. 20 minutes before Legoland.

May be the number one of all Christmas markets is the one in Stuttgart. The roofs of the houses have best decoration in Germany.

Hamburg, Rothenburg, Heidelberg, the islands of Rügen and Sylt in the north Germany, the Bodensee (Schwäbisches Meer) and the Affenpark in Salem (money park / are as well worth a trip.

Last but not least see a game of the VFB Stuttgart soccer team. They play in the 1st national league of Germany named Bundesliga. Sometimes over 60.000 visitors and always a great atmosphere.

Discover & Enjoy

Armin & Marion